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Builder In A Bottle aka BIAB, are a range of soak-off gel builders ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails

BIAB promises a nail-strengthening treatment, topped with anything from neutral nail designs to sparkly nail art, that's more hard-wearing yet also gentler to your natural nail than gels.

Treatment includes: Nail cut & file; cuticle worked with builder gel; cuticle & hand moisturising.

Recommended every 3 weeks.

BIAB Gel Manicure Process

Prep: This includes pushing back the cuticles, cuticle trim, buffing, and filing the nails into shape. We will then ensure no dust is left on the nail plate with a nail brush, then a wipe of acetone on a lint-free pad.

Base: We apply a thin layer of BIAB on all five nails and cure on low heat mode for 99 seconds

Gel: We then work on one nail at a time. Apply another thin layer to the nail, whilst this is still wet we pick up a small bead of gel and place this near the cuticle and work this down the nail side by side. We turn the nail upside down to create an apex then cure for 99 seconds and repeat these steps on all nails.

Finish: You can then choose to a gel colour, design (nail art) or french tips. Finish off with cream and cuticle oil.

Frequently asked questions...


How long does BIAB last on nails?

Experts agree that up to 4 weeks is industry standard and subject to every day activity.

Does BIAB damage your nails?

No. BIAB works to strengthen the natural nail and prevent breakage or weakness that is typically caused by acrylic extensions or naturally brittle nails.

How is BIAB removed?

The majority of the product needs to be removed first by either a nail file or electric nail file. We will then soak a cotton pad with acetone, place it on the nail then wrap it with foil. After a few minutes, the foil can be removed one nail at a time, by gently scraping away the product with a metal cuticle pusher. Once removed, we rehydrate the nail with cream and oil.

Can I get a refund?

All payments are non-refundable. If you need to change the date of a scheduled treatment you will need to contact us 48 hours prior. Any time after this we will NOT be able to re-arrange your treatment and you will lose your deposit.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further enquiries or more information about one of our treatments email us at: or contact us via direct message on Instagram at: @ipswichlashes.



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