What are HD Brows?

A popular celebrity brow treatment; HD Brows are a bespoke brow treatment, giving a completely customised brow shape for each individual without a brow stencil in sight and making sparse brows a thing of the past. It goes much beyond a simple colour, wax and standard eyebrow tint. Because eyebrows are as unique as fingerprints, HD Brows is different from many other eyebrow treatments in that we don't adhere to the "one-size-fits-all" philosophy making it the ultimate bespoke eyebrow treatment.

HD Brows are a great way to keep your brows in check!

What to expect

Each HD Brow Stylist receives thorough training at one of the esteemed HD Brow Academies, joining a reputable company that makes significant investments in the development of new products and services. Before starting to create your dream brows, the HD Brow stylist will conduct a thorough consultation to go through size, shape, and the overall appearance you hope to achieve.

The entire brow area receives a custom-blended colour tint, including the vellus fine, light-coloured hairs that are hardly visible in addition to the visible hairs. Whether you choose to tone down the natural colour of your brow hairs (more towards your skin tone) or make them darker, we'll make sure your new brows have the perfect tone / hair tone to match your style and appearance.

Then, using a combination of HD hair removal treatments, including waxing, threading, and trimming, we build your custom shape using our own brow mapping processes.

Why choose HD Brows?

If you have sparse eyebrows or gappy brows do not fear; we'll put you on a regrowth programme/brow growth programme, which over 80% of new HD Brow clients begin on their first few appointments. This will greatly depend on your own hair's cycle of development. Here you will really see hair growth over time. If you want to tame bushy brows or regenerate overplucked eyebrows, rest assured that our brow department will work with you every step of the way to get the perfect brows for you.


Please be aware that this is a semi-permanent technique and that the tint is semi-permanent, therefore a patch test must be completed 48 hours before your consultation. Patch testing takes place at iLashes Suffolk’s salon in Ipswich. You must inform your Brow stylist of any redness, irritation, or swelling so they can advise you on the best course of action. The tint element won't be used throughout your treatment if there is a skin sensitivity.

Being leading Brow Stylists, we are concerned with how your brows appear from the moment you leave the salon, therefore correct care and maintenance are needed to keep your HD Brows looking salon-perfect every day.

HD Brows Maintenance

To maintain your new custom brows, we advise scheduling a follow-up appointment every 4 weeks to allow time for new hairs to come in and improve the overall appearance of your brows.

Achieve your dream brow shape and book your HD Brow treatment  with our brow artist NOW!

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