What are dermal fillers?

Dermal filler is a medically created solution that is injected with a thin needle under the skin to accentuate facial features and fill in deep wrinkles, grooves, or depressed areas. At iLashes Suffolk, we only use Juvederm type of filler and high-quality dermal filler products.

Dermal fillers can softly smoothen, soften, contour, and tone the skin; restore youthful plumpness; and enhance and define your features when properly applied by our dermal filler specialist. Increase facial volume and decrease volume loss and facial lines with our dermal filler treatments.

Where can dermal fillers be used?

Skin problems include a loss of volume due to the reduction of collagen production, appearance of scars, acne scars, shallow to deep creases and folds; static wrinkles & dynamic wrinkles, frown lines; which can all be treated with an injection of filler. The lips, cheeks, and bridge of the nose are common places to increase volume and fullness. Popular treatment areas for smoothing, boosting volume, and plumping lines and wrinkles include the forehead, tear troughs, mouth (smile, marionette, and smoker’s lines), jawline, and chin.

What to expect on your consultation?

One of our aesthetic specialists will evaluate your needs, suitability, and the best course of action during your appointment for dermal fillers. They will be able to address any queries you may have regarding your skin issues during your appointment and provide you with tailored recommendations. They will be able to complete the filler therapy in-clinic if it is decided to go through with it.

Dermal filler procedure

Consultation: In order to determine your needs one of out specialists will conduct a thorough consultation process with you in our studio. We will take photographs/video and talk through your facial anatomy as part of our consultation service to achieve the most natural-looking enhancement.

Step 1: After agreeing on a treatment, topical anaesthetic cream will be applied for 20 minutes.

Step 2: Our specialist willnow clean your skin thoroughly in preparation for the dermal filler injections.

Step 3: The injection procedure; we begin injecting the filler gradually into your lips. Dermal filler injections take approximately 30 minutes.

Step 4: We will go through the aftercare advice with you.

Types of dermal filler treatments

At iLashes Suffolk we offer the following types of dermal filler treatments:

Cheek fillers: add volume and lift to your cheeks.

Nasolabial folds & Smile lines:  reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Say goodbye to nasolabial folds and smile lines.

Marionette Lines & Smokers Lines:  instantly revive and refresh your face removing facial wrinkles, deeper wrinkles & lines. Make marionette and smokers lines a thing of the past.

Lip fillers:  add plumpness and extra volume to your lips.

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