How to grow your business as a Lash Technician?

You've completed one of our Beauty Courses in Eyelash Extensions and. recently entered the lash business, and your goal is to develop a clientele of your own.

Although it can be frightening and intimidating, rest assured that we have all experienced our first day. Having the business goal of becoming that "always fully booked" lash technician will take some time and a lot of effort, but it is not impossible. How do we know? We have achieved it!

We have compiled five suggestions that will enable you to quickly begin expanding your clientele.

Social Media Platforms are your BFFs

A good social media strategy is very important!

Social media is extremely important in today's marketing and branding landscape. You can now post pictures of your stunning lash work with such ease because social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It opens a whole new layer of potential clients for your eyelash business with the use of relevant hashtags, captions, tags, and comments.

Being a Beauty Course graduate, to gain exposure to your business you must always keep a professional demeanour coupled with a friendly approach despite all these great features and simple accessibility that social media has to offer.

Always keep in mind that prospective clients want to learn more about you than just your professional abilities.

Use these free marketing channels to demonstrate not just your talent but also your wonderful personality to inspire confidence and trust in both yourself and your potential customers.

Don’t be shy to ask for reviews

Always remember to ask for reviews after providing eyelash extension services to clients.

Although it may feel awkward at first, gently encouraging your customers to leave a review will result in a FAR HIGHER bookings for your company than not encouraging them to do so at all.

Reviews from your customers may be quite beneficial for developing a solid reputation and getting found on search engines. Make it a habit and standard operating procedure to solicit customer feedback at the conclusion of each session starting right now.

Passing your Beauty Course and creating fantastic lashes day in day out is hard work, so make sure you ask for those reviews!

Give incentives to your customers

A good marketing strategy to keep in mind is word-of-mouth advertising, which is frequently free or very inexpensive.

For customers that recommend a friend or few, you can decide to provide a specific discount or free add-on service.

This is another reason why, as a lash artist, you should always strive to be the best since

your work will speak for itself.

Encourage your family and friends to support you

Through your friends and family, you can start spreading the word quickly and affordably.

Get them to publish and share your page or work on their social media; don't be scared to ask for their assistance. By doing so, their friends' networks will be able to find your work and may be interested in your service.

Gaining more visibility is the quickest path to growth.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty

Always take your business cards and prices wherever you go.

These promotional materials will be useful whether someone compliments your lashes or whether you meet someone new who needs their lashes done.

Choose a design that will capture people's attention and make a positive first impression or be creative with your name cards by adding a welcome or introductory incentive.


There you have our top 5 suggestions to growing your eyelash extension business in the Lash industry.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Lash Technician and want to enter the eyelash extension industry, book one of our popular one-to-one Beauty Courses in eyelashes NOW!

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