Becoming a Lash tech

Being an eyelash technician is a career that is in high demand and offers a variety of benefits due to the beauty industry's ongoing growth and evolution. As a lash technician, you can choose to work for yourself and manage your own business, giving you the freedom to create a work-life balance that is ideal for you.

The numerous alternatives available for eyelash extensions and lash lifts make them popular salon services that are used by a variety of clients to enhance their natural lashes.

You can become a lash artist in a few ways, all of which are flexible and can be worked around your schedule. These options include learning the skills and obtaining the credentials required.

Learn all you need to know with iLashes Suffolk to become an eyelash technician.

What is required to become a lash technician in the UK?

It's crucial to enrol in an approved training programme that enables you to administer procedures if you want to become a lash artist. Our ABT accredited training courses at iLashes Suffolk provide instruction in Classic Individual and Russian Volume and enable you to obtain the necessary insurance. Some organisations, including The Beauty Guild and ABT, offer insurance for Lash technicians nationwide. You are given a unique discount code for ABT once you complete your training with iLashes Suffolk.

The most important component of becoming a lash technician is training; you must earn the necessary credentials and practise, practise, practise before utilising professional utensils and products near a client's eyes. This is all a part of the training at iLashes Suffolk. We are always available to help with any technical questions both during and after your training, and our expert trainers will make sure you leave your training feeling confident in your chosen treatment.

Step 1: Book your training course with us

At iLashes Suffolk, we offer training courses on nanoblading, brows, and eyelashes. We offer training in Classic & Russian eyelash extensions in our lash courses. With a treatment cost of up to £150 per lash set (depending on region), lash extensions are a lucrative service!

Step 2: Get Qualified

You need to obtain the necessary lash qualifications whether you want to work in a salon or intend to work from home. Insurance companies, ABT, HABIA, or the Beauty Guild-accredited programmes are all recommended programmes for aspiring Lash Techs nationwide. A further evaluation is needed to obtain an NVQ/VRQ qualification, which is typically necessary for those who work in beauty salons or who intend to conduct their own training. Our training courses will involve follow-up case studies, which will require you to put your newly learned abilities to use on a live model or a mannequin head (likely a friend or family member). You must take pictures to record your case studies. After evaluating these, your trainer will either sign you off (at which time you will receive your certificate) or give you tips on how to get better and additional assessments. You will then be certified to apply eyelash extensions to customers.

Step 3: Get insured

Getting insured is one of the first things you must do after finishing your training to become a certified lash technician. Depending on your business, you may require a few various types of insurance coverage.

Public Liability Insurance

One of the most crucial kinds of insurance you'll need in this industry is public liability insurance. You will be protected from the expense of claims made by the general public for a variety of occurrences connected to your commercial operations by this coverage. You would be protected, for instance, in the rare event that something went wrong during the course of treatment. It's crucial to have public liability insurance to safeguard both you and your customers.

Products Liability Insurance

Products Liability Insurance is typically bought in conjunction with Public Liability Insurance. This applies to any claims that surface regarding flaws in goods you have used, sold, or provided.

Employer’s Liability Insurance & Property Insurance

If you work in a salon and hire people, you may also need property insurance and employer’s liability insurance. No matter how part-time your employees are, they must have this form of insurance as it is a legal requirement.

Other Insurance

Additionally, it is important to consider personal accident and sickness insurance, especially if you are self-employed. This will protect you in the event that you get unwell or hurt and are unable to work. If you're unable to find employment again, you may be entitled to a lump amount.

Experience is the key to success as a Lash specialist

Finding the best application method for you and lots of practise are the keys to becoming a skilled lash technician. Although this varies from technician to technician, on average it takes them three to six months of practise before they can name themselves lash experts. In-depth instructions on how to apply lash extensions, design custom lash extensions for customers, and perform lash lifts are provided by iLashes Suffolk training courses. Some individuals are quick to pick up the skills, while others need time to practise and become proficient. In either case, it's crucial to stay upbeat and keep in mind that we are always reachable by phone, email, or social media messages (@ipswichlashes).

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